Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

   Company Profile 

     Sichuan Guoguang Agrochemical Co., Ltd was established in 1984 which is professional in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing of environment-friendly agrochemical products and material, etc. withISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, GB/T28001-2001. After 30 years’ development, Guoguang has been regarded as the largest plant growth regulator manufacturer in China and owns the right to import and export.
     Meanwhile, Guoguang is a well-known trademark in China. In Guoguang, there are more than 85 registered certificates issued by Ministry of Agriculture of China and 400 trademarks as well as 25 patents, etc. Except plant growth regulator, Guoguang products also include: fungicide, fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide and so on.
     On the basis of expanding domestic market share, the company is actively engaged in developing international market. Up to now, its products have been exported to lots of countries overseas, including: America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Phili...more

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Export Department:
   No.899 Beijing Road, Economy&Technology Development Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
P.C:   610100
TEL:  86-28-27015275,86-28-66848860,86-28-88431203
FAX:   028-88430473
Website:  //
E-mail:   [email protected]

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